With Micaela, Emily & Anne







To transform the mindset of today's millennial consumers by developing and creating an educational podcast series that raises awareness of the underlying issues related to the fashion industry. We will inspire action and invoke connections between consumers and their purchasing habits, and introduce their role in the global fashion revolution.



Sustainable fashion is the fostering of self expression through the conscious consumption and transparent production of renewable goods, that are sourced ethically and efficiently by replenishable human, technological and natural resources.



As lovers of fashion, we are completely in tune to the many offerings that fashion and style bestow upon us; fashion makes way for art, which can be interpreted in endless measures, used as a form of self-expression and relied upon for physical and emotional support. Yet, as students, consumers, and now professionals of this industry, we have come to understand that loving fashion means more than just loving the garments; we must also love the process. Our journey through the Marist College Fashion Program has provided us with a great deal of knowledge and firsthand experience of this said process, through our participation in a variety of courses, internships, and industry opportunities. Overall, these experiences confirmed two important things: our love for fashion is strong, but the importance of our global impact is stronger. By year four of our college education, we've developed a clear understanding of how just one garment alone can affect our environment, our emotions, multiple economies and the labor behind the label. The scale of our fashion footprint stretches miles beyond that of the retail floor and our own closets, and we invite others to join us in the enlightenment, rather than the fear, of this fact.


Our enlightenment has clarified that we can no longer support an outdated, linear system that promotes negative, long-term implications for the earth and its people -- so, we've decided to focus on switching to a wasteless, circular model. We can no longer view and accept fashion as a separate commodity from the global environment -- so, we've discovered ways in which we can blend the two. Truly, we believe that fashion, like other art forms, should always be a positive form of self-expression that can be admired and appreciated by all, not just some. We would like fashion to live on forever, though this cannot be achieved if its true costs are externalized and ignored. Behind The Seams Podcast seeks to connect consumers with their fashion purchases and their resulting global impact by shedding light on the underlying issues of the fashion industry. Our goal is not only to raise awareness of the effects of current industry and consumer practices, but also to provide feasible solutions and inspire innovation towards a more sustainable industry and healthy planet.







Micaela is originally from Vermont, a state with a rooted culture in environmental preservation and outdoor exploration. Micaela has always loved fashion and grew up thrift shopping as a means to develop her own identity through unique finds. For years, Micaela was torn between a passion for the environment and an affinity for fashion. Her mother, a Waldorf handwork teacher and natural plant dye enthusiast, and her sister, a talented fashion designer, inspired Micaela to pursue fashion on her own terms. Micaela realized through her high school senior project on sustainable fashion and from spending her freshman year abroad in Florence, Italy, that she could pursue both her passions for the environment and for fashion. Henceforth, she looks forward to embarking on a career that combines the two.






Emily grew up in Northern New Jersey, but considers herself a nomad at heart. Her passion to sustain the Earth's resources stems from her love of animals, art, nature and traveling. Fortunate enough to have traveled to fifteen different countries at such a young age, Emily has developed a great interest and respect for the world and its many cultures. With a background in studio art and fashion merchandising, she is well-versed in the universal concepts of design and functionality. While new to the fruit of sustainable fashion, Emily was inspired by her teammates, supporters, and leaders of this movement to apply her worldly passions and acquired knowledge to the redesign of the fashion industry. She hopes that by bringing transparency to the industry, consumers will be inspired, like her, to change their habits for the better and join the fashion revolution.






Anne is a fashion, music, and cultural enthusiast, as well as an avid student of environmental and social issues. Originally from Southern Connecticut, Anne was raised in a rural farm town where strong initiatives towards nature preservation and local farming are implemented and observed. As she grew and evolved in the midst of enchanting acres and friendly animals, it was only natural that Anne developed a strong connection to the earth and her place within it. More personally, her life alongside her grandfather, a survivor of the Holocaust, deeply rooted in her a passion for social justice. While a tolerance for diversity and a respect for the environment continue to fill her heart and mind, fashion is yet another outlet to express her identity. Anne strongly believes that her apparent identity is ever-changing due to a mind which is ever-evolving. It is Anne's hope that the fashion industry, as well as consumers, will evolve with her, and that the shaping and strengthening of identities will cease to compromise the health of our world and its people.